I Want to Speak to Your Group for Free

For over a decade the audiences I needed to speak to were medium and large sized companies. That was simply because all I could offer them was high-end, individualized Web marketing consulting. My services were not right for small businesses.

Now with the advent of SageRock Places and SageRock System I am now able to offer highly advanced tools, training and consulting at an incredibly affordable price.

This is been a desire of mine since the beginning. Web marketing is an ideal environment for businesses of all sizes, but especially small businesses. There is a leveling of the playing field that gives everyone the ability to have significant marketing capabilities. Small businesses just needed a little guidance.

I remember once sitting in the speaker’s room of a national search engine conference. The attendant in the room struck up a conversation with me. She was starting a website and some social media programs for her church. We had a really great conversation about how she could use those tools to reach her congregation in a much more meaningful way.

The organizer of the event overheard this conversation. She came up to the lady I was speaking with at the end of our conversation and said, “you just received $1000 worth of Web marketing consultation.”

She was right about that. But I felt that wasn’t right. This kind of information should be available to anyone. Because if any business of any size has this kind of information they can do amazing things.

But this is again one of those things where the rich continue to get richer because they have “access.” They can afford to spend $1000 to talk to me.

With SageRock Places and SageRock System we are able to give a high-level of consulting to companies and organizations of all sizes. We do this through group consulting environments and self-led training tools.

Before SageRock Places and SageRock System I was often reluctant to speak to smaller sized companies. It’s not because I didn’t want to. In fact small companies are some of my favorites to work with. They’re able to move really fast and make decisions very quickly. It was just because our relationship would often end after the talk I gave. There was simply nothing I could give them that fit in their budget.

But that has now all changed. I am now able to offer services at a wide variety of price ranges.

So now I’m on the rampage. I want to talk to every business I can possibly reach. I want to talk to you!

If you are a:

  • Chamber of Commerce.
  • Franchise owner.
  • Owner of a distributor network.
  • Board of Realtors.
  • Local Bar Association.
  • Really anyone that helps other business owners.

These sessions can be tailored to fit your group’s schedule.

I can speak at your breakfast event. I can speak at your lunch event. Or I can put on a half-day workshop.

I’m flexible about the topics we can discuss too. Topics I often discuss are:

  • How to use social media for your business. (This is an extremely popular topic right now.)
  • How to come up in the search engine results.
  • How to do link building the right way.
  • How to get the most out of your Google Analytics.
  • How to effectively use paid search advertising.
  • How to effectively use Facebook advertising.
  • How best to manage user-generated reviews.
  • 5 tips to effective local search marketing.
  • The 7 most powerful free things you can do to grow your business online right now.
  • Is social media right for you?

And if there is another topic in the web marketing arena that you want to discuss please let me know. I very likely can develop a custom presentation for you.

These presentations are information packed and meant to give your audience as much information as I can possibly pack into the session.

I am fortunate to have many very kind testimonials of presentations that I have done. You can see those testimonials here. I have also spoken at many national Web marketing events and large corporations. You can see my official speakers sheet here.

I will gladly come to your location anywhere in the United States and in most places in North America. The only limit I have is my schedule. If I have the time available I will gladly come to your town. I’ll do it all for free. So, if this interests you let me know.

Click here to use my contact form and let me know about your group.

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