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I am in Marketing and Organizational Development

  • Caring for the team
  • Videos
  • Networking
  • Seminar and Webinar Development
  • Towers and Turrets
  • Read something and take a class

Quadrant 2 activities.
If I did these things, I would have the biggest impact on my life, my family’s life and SageRock.
Playing with Indy.
Making time for Rocky and me.
Reading business information.
Taking classes.
Processing everything I’ve learned and make a class.
SageRock Certification Training.
Work the marketing strategy.

Rocky just talked with me about the vision of SageRock. This is what she said: There is a push at SageRock for blurring the lines between business life and personal life. This can conceivably cause conflict because that blurring gives the feeling that life at SageRock is different than other companies by not being driven by growth. Whenever we push to grow that potentially can look like we are really just talk. We really are just like other companies.

So… how does SageRock push to grow and still define itself as something different than a regular company?

In a regular company, the end is the important part. Making the owner(s) rich is the goal.

The difference at SageRock is that the end is not important. It’s the means that matters.

In SageRock the means is the important part. The experience at SageRock is more important than the money or any conquest. Adding some kind of value to people’s lives is what matters. Value is added at SageRock by adding value to the people at SageRock. Adding value is the growth. SageRock grows to help the people at SageRock grow.

So, while the line blurs at SageRock between personal life and business life, it doesn’t mean that there is no growth at SageRock. We grow SageRock to grow the people at SageRock.

SageRock is not a soft place. It is not a place of stagnation. SageRock is a place of adding value… of growing. If there was a comparison to an institution, a vision to attain, The SageRock Experience strives to be more like a school or academy. SageRock takes a person’s education and helps them to move along a path of personal growth. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs could be the map to guide this growth.

The reason for leaving SageRock is when it no longer adds value to the person’s life. It no longer is helping them move along the hierarchy. The reason for staying at SageRock is because there are still things to learn and SageRock can help that growth.

The core value of SageRock is the Care, Concern and Empathy of the Individual is our single core value. That means a lot. But it doesn’t really seem clear to me. Buddhists believe in two things… eliminating suffering and creating happiness.

Could SageRock be a school that helps people be happy?

We are about the means not the end. We are hear to help people grow as people to be better community members, family members and better people for themselves.

“The School of Happiness”
This is all just thinking.

I feel that we are doing something different at SageRock. It’s always hard to explain something “different.” By its nature, “different” hasn’t been seen before and therefore doesn’t have a title. …hence all the rambling. We’ll figure it out.

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