Me On Social Media

I do a lot of things. Maybe too many things. But it is what it is. I like to consider myself “prolific”. 🙂

I wanted to put this page together to kind of outline where I am on social media and how I generally use each channel.

This is my personal Facebook profile. – This is pretty personal. I will occasionally repost things from my business pages and groups to my personal page, if I think they have a general interest.

This is my Twitter account.  – I use this as a general repository for all my stuff. Marketing. Homeless. Auctions. Twitter is where I enjoy posting the most. So I put a lot of random thoughts here.

This is my LinkedIn profile. I rarely use it at the moment.

This is my Instagram – I primarily use this for my auctions. I post cool things I find in the auction world here.

This is the SageRock Facebook page

This is the Rubber City Auctions Facebook page.

This is the Rubber City Auctions Facebook group. I’m trying to get more auctioneers to post to this group to help support the auction community in Akron.

The Homeless Charity Facebook Group. This is where I post information about the charity I run for the homeless.

Second Chance Store Facebook Page. This store is owned and operated totally by the homeless. It’s run out of our building at 15 Broad Street in Akron Ohio.

Akron Small Business Online Marketing Meetup. This is a meetup I run. We hold weekly in person meetups discussing marketing.

Trash Panda Boy and Dad Twitch Channel. This is where Indy and I stream our video games.

The Tools Show On YouTube. Greg and I do a weekly show generally about marketing. We call it The Tools Show.

My Personal YouTube Channel. I put a lot of marketing training on here. But I also put random stuff on here too.

Trash Panda Family YouTube Channel. This is our family YouTube Channel.

Sage and Friends Podcast. – This is my personal podcast where I talk about any thing that interests me.


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