Fully Support Fight for $15

I am in complete support and will advocate for the Fight for $15 cause. 


My name is Sage Lewis. I run something called: The Homeless Charity.

Our purpose is to fill the holes of need in the homeless community. We are a housing first organization. We run a store called The Second Chance Store that is owned and operated by the homeless people that run it. 100% of all the money that goes into the store goes to the homeless running it.

We have recently installed a shower and a washer and dryer by raising over $1200 from “viewers like you”.

Our next step is to start building the Homeless Startup School. It is a school consisting of Makerspaces where the homeless can learn a skill such as woodworking. And then sell their product online or at the Second Chance Store.

You can learn more about The Homeless Charity by clicking here. 

We cannot live in a world where people work full time and can’t live. $15 minimum wage is realistic and fair.

If you believe the government spend too much money helping people with food and living expenses you should support Fight for $15.

If you believe people deserve a fair pay for a fair day’s work you should support Fight for $15.

America and Akron need this.

I will do everything in my power as mayor to help fast food workers unionize and get $15/hour.

Seattle and San Francisco already passed laws raising wages to $15 an hour.

As mayor of Akron, I will add us to that growing list.

Low-wage jobs are the fastest growing jobs in the nation, and they need to pay more so that workers like us can make ends meet, and rebuild the middle class and get the economy working again.

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