From SageRock Blog: Online Marketing: A Declining Industry

Being in this industry since 1999 has let me see it in a unique way. Basically, I think it has jumped the shark. 


My name is Sage Lewis. I run something called: The Homeless Charity.

Our purpose is to fill the holes of need in the homeless community. We are a housing first organization. We run a store called The Second Chance Store that is owned and operated by the homeless people that run it. 100% of all the money that goes into the store goes to the homeless running it.

We have recently installed a shower and a washer and dryer by raising over $1200 from “viewers like you”.

Our next step is to start building the Homeless Startup School. It is a school consisting of Makerspaces where the homeless can learn a skill such as woodworking. And then sell their product online or at the Second Chance Store.

You can learn more about The Homeless Charity by clicking here. 

Online Marketing: A Declining Industry

This fact is easy to defend in the SEO industry. Everybody and their brother says they do SEO. This has over-saturated the market. And over-saturated it with charlatans.

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