Hiring consultants is a tricky thing.

You probably already know the answers to your problems.

I can tell you that because I don’t make the majority of my living on being an individual consultant. It is, however, something I love doing and wish I did more of it.

I do believe consultants have a useful place in the world.

Sometimes an outside perspective is refreshing. And sometimes you need a coach to keep you on task. It’s like having a trainer at the gym. They keep you moving forward and offer some tips to help you stay healthy and get the most out of your workouts.

You just have to pick the right consultant for the right job. There are a few reasons for hiring me.

Web Marketing Consulting

First, if you are looking for a Web marketing consultant, that’s my specialty. I have been running SageRock Digital Marketing Agency since 1999. We have worked with many, many clients of all different shapes and sizes. I love coming in to give an overview assessment of your Web marketing program.

Business Consulting

I am a change agent.

When things are going to shit is when I am most alive. I believe I was a revolutionary in my past lives. I consider business the revolution of my current life.

If things are not going well, or if you can’t seem to break on through to your next phase, this is what I am good at.

I will fix your business.

But be warned: It will be violent and it will be messy.

I am not a detail person. I get things done.

If you need something done call me. If you want to navel-gaze a little more call someone else.

Personal Training

I take the same approach to moving people to the next phase of their lives as I do with business.

I am a change agent.

There are some areas that I have a lot of experience with. You might consider hiring me if you want to:

  • Lose weight
  • Quit drinking
  • Quit smoking
  • Run a marathon
  • Just get more out of life
You are not going to like me. But if you follow the path you will like yourself.
So those are the areas that you might consider hiring me as your personal consultant.
If you would like to learn more CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME.

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