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Dementia Overseer

“Congratulations! You are the proud new overseer of a healthy, old, mentally decaying parent.” Dementia is everything backwards. But it’s not just backwards. It’s sideways. Inside out. Reverse. Forward. Stop. Go. It blurs dreams, this world, other worlds, decades ago, today. Dementia is a fucked up cut form of LSD that you’d ask your drug […]

A Call For Podcast Guests for Sage and Friends

I’ve been committed to creating a podcast.  I am at a place in my life where I feel more like an artist than  a business person.  It’s actually a message I’m trying to instill in other business people.  Coke gets it. I want you to get it too.  When you are passionate and in love […]

Ohio Auctioneers Sample Contract in Word and Google Doc Format

The Ohio Department of Agriculture Auction Program offers an example contract for auctioneers here: The problem with it is that it has a big “SAMPLE” watermark all over it. And it is also in PDF format. So you can’t edit it easily. We’ve reworked that contract and put it in Microsoft Word. That way […]

My Friend Is Doing A LinkedIn Event In Cleveland

My friend, Harry Lader, Ph.D., is doing a LinkedIn event on using LinkedIn more effectively. He’s a super smart guy and really nice too. His day job is that he’s a trainer for Excel. But he has applied that Excel knowledge to using LinkedIn. The extra cool thing about the event is that it’s a […]

Why I Want You To Go Camping

We started camping as a family when Indy, our kid, was 2.  It rained.  The tent leaked.  The fire wouldn’t start.  And you know… We had a 2 year old.  This seems to be a very common story. Many people seem to have rough first camping experiences.  Our saving grace was we went with a […]

It’s official: I’M AN AUCTIONEER!!!

80 hours of classes in Kentucky. Finding a sponsor, which is incredibly difficult. Or maybe I was meant to be with Chuck Kreiner and we just had to find each other. He is amazing! Get a background check. Get a $25,000 bond. Notarize all paperwork. Send paperwork not earlier than 4 weeks before the next […]

Learn About Adoption Meetup

I friend of mine, Jackie Smigel, runs a non-profit adoption agency. She has just announced a meeting she is having in Kent Ohio on Wednesday, April 27 from 10:30am-11:30am. here: Fred Fuller Park–“Old Jail”–497 Middlebury Rd; Kent OH 44240. This meetup is for anyone who has ever had a question about adoption. When I think of […]

Why I Don’t Speak In Person Much Any More

I used to speak anywhere and everywhere.  I once did an SEO speech at a Golden Corral Buffet.  My van broke down on the highway on the way to a speech. Both to and from the speech, actually.  I’ve driven in more white out blizzards than I can count rushing to get to a speech.  […]

Homeless GoFundMe Accounting

I have another campaign coming up so I wanted to get my finances together. (I’ll tell you more about it soon.) But I wanted to post where we are with our money. In a nutshell: The Shoes for Homeless Kids program has raised $1310. We’ve spent $1068.82. We have $241.18 available. The Socks for Homeless […]

Ep. 2 The Other Side. Making an Entrepreneur 

I’m a little unsure about this post.  The world is filled with pie in the sky visions of what “taking control of your future” looks like as an entrepreneur.  Fancy trips. Working 4 hours a week. Fancy cars. Big houses.  That end result, if it happens, is the product of all the things I talked […]