Akron Metro RTA in Summit County Ohio Bus Schedule

I've created this page for easy access to the Akron bus schedule. I hate the PDF format on the main site. Having said that, if you need the main web site... go here: http://www.akronmetro.org/

As I get around to it, I'll add routes as I'm able. But selfishly, I am going to start with routes that my friends and family use.

#1 West Market

#1 To Downtown Akron | #1 From Downtown Akron

With Service to: Manor Care Nursing Center, Rockynol Retirement Community, Summit Mall, Market Square, Fairlawn Town Center and Tangier Restaurant.

Here is a link to the main schedule at the Akron Metro site:

Winter 2007 Maps & Schedules (starting January 14th, 2007) (These are all the PDF versions of the schedule)