I find it very strange to write an “about” page when it comes to myself.

I can pretty easily tell you about my agency: SageRock.

But I don’t have a 30 second “elevator speech” about myself.

I guess it’s time to make one. Here goes:

I am an intensely passionate person with a deep love of life. I love being here on planet earth.

In my field, Internet marketing, I have an equal amount of passion and love. I consider it an honor that I am so involved in what I believe is the greatest media revolution in the history of humanity.

The goal of this site is to share with you my personal observations of the world and how they relate to the business world.

Business is becoming more personal than it has since much of the industrial revolution. I believe this, for the most part, is for the better. You will see that philosophy represented here at this site. I know many of you disagree with me in the value of mixing personal things with business things. I will try to convince you otherwise here.

I would also like you to consider me for speaking at your organization or hiring me for business or personal consultation. If you need some passion and energy to come to your business or personal life, you might want to consider me for those things.

I also have a pretty intense photography habit. You will probably see some of that here as well.

If you want a full biography of me you can check that out here.

Thanks for coming by. And drop me a note in the comments somewhere. I’d love to talk with you.




  1. 7/12/2011

    First comment on this page! That means, if I follow from your last sentence, that I get to talk to you!

  2. sage

    Totally. I’d love to talk to you :)

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