Why I haven’t been keeping up with the “Life of a Startup” Series

The reason is simple: starting a business is exhausting. 

And it’s not just tiring. It’s scarey. Frustrating. Demoralizing. Depressing. 

Starting, and running, a business pushes every single weakness button you have. 

You wonder:

  • Is this ever going to work?
  • Will I ever be able to support myself with this?
  • Am I going to be able to keep up this energy for, what looks like will be, ever?
  • Which will run out first? 
    • My energy.
    • My faith.
    • My money.

So, I simply didn’t have the energy to put into this blog. 

Plus I know that winter and early Spring have really effected me in an intensely bad way. My spirits have been extremely low. There has been some sun this last week. I’m convinced that alone has given me a new outlook.

This is what I can tell you:

Things are progressing. But not quite as fast as I would like.

I also think that I got a little sidetracked. 

I have been doing a lot of training through Sage Lewis Training. I love that stuff and definitely want to do as much of this as I can. 

But the classes are only part of it. The growth part of the business is with the SageRock System. This is basically my training and consulting in product form. This should scale easily, where the training that I’m doing is only as good as many classes that I can get on the schedule.

They all work together.

People that take my classes get introduced to The System. The System people then possibly use some SageRock services.

In my model the in-person training and even the services are the bread of what should be a very meaty System sandwich.

I can handle a lot of people in the system. So my theory is that’s where the growth will be. This all depends on the variable of whether or not people will want and/or buy the system. 

So far, however, that is looking promising. 

The people who are in the system are very positive about it. The Parma City Schools gave me a great testimonial. On top of that, they happened to pass their levy (on the 8th try) the same year they used the SageRock System.

On top of that, I believe in this system intensely. It allows me to consult and guide companies for $199 a month by using a group environment. Service with SageRock typically is between $2000 – $10,000 each month!

Our industry has always fought with the idea that Internet marketing is amazing for small businesses. But we consultants could never work with these people because they couldn’t afford us. I believe the SageRock System breaks down that barrier. I really believe I have solved a riddle that hasn’t been able to be solved up until now.

I’ve really focused on my efforts to get people into the System. I’m now offering a free month to try it out

I have 5 paying members. And I’m starting a new trial group this week. It has over 20 people in it.

My goal is to make $5000/month in recurring revenue in the System. This will cover my personal monthly expenses. So I need 20 more. 

Right now I am bringing in about $2500 a month in income. So I’m subsizing the rest of my expenses with savings. I can do that probably for the rest of the year. 

The goal I have taped to my office wall is: 25 System Members by 2012. 

That’s where I’m driving everything.

25 members will let me be income neutral. 

If I can get to that point I will probably have refined everything. It will be more solid. And I’ll also know if people are truly receptive to it. Then I can start really growing the thing.

So, that’s where I am today. 

I’ll do my best to be more communicative about my adventures. I actually have a couple other post ideas I’d like to get out.


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  1. 5/14/2011

    This is truly inspiring. You WILL meet your goal. I know this thing has more value than what you are pricing it at. Pretty soon you will have to close the flood gates, I declare. Hang in there, my friend. A year is an extremely long time.

  2. 5/16/2011

    Thanks man!
    I believe I can do this. It really helps that I am selling something that I believe in. The difficulty is that it’s a bit of a new concept. So, that can cause suspicion.

    Thanks for being my friend.

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